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Paris what a marvelous city to visit when in love. It's romantic locations, beautiful light and the feeling of being in the City of Light is just fantastic. At from ParisPictures, we like being part of the family so we decided to offer Paris visitors personalized photo sessions with a real Paris backdrop ! Treat yourself with your own Paris private photographer. We shoot when and where you want it. We have scouted many wonderful locations like the Louvre, Le Pont des Arts, l'Île Saint-Louis and many more. You want a more private session, a make-up artist, or other needs, tell us about it.

When you're in Paris, you're the one(s) that counts, our photo sessions are for You. We will do everything to fulfill your wishes. Once you have decided on your date and booked the photo session, the fun starts. We will suggest fun itineraries to get you the best souvenirs of yourself and you loved one. We know your time in Paris is precious. Depending on the chosen package, we will cover different locations. Here's a few of our preferred locations: Le Louvre courtyard with it's beautiful architecture, Le Ponts des Arts with it's amazinf viewof the Seine, a few steps aways the quays where you can stroll romantically along the Seine river. What can we say about l'Île Saint-Louis and it's cozy and romantic views. We will help you get the most from this beautiful moment because we focus on YOU in Paris. If you'd like more than one location, keep in mind that you could have a change of clothes. We stop for coffee in a typical Paris café, change clothes, shoot on the terrasse and keep on shooting with a change of look, et voilà !

So many places to choose from, you prefer la Tour Eiffel, Alexandre III bridge or any other location, why not, it's your special moment in Paris !

90 minutes

120 minutes

180 minutes

 Custom service
2 locations 3 locations** 4 locations**  Tell us what you wish
20-30 retouched pictures 30-40 retouched pictures 40-50 retouched pictures  
275 € 345 € 425 €  Price on quote

Special requests, a more private shoot, let us know.

*Small extra fee per extra person  ** Time and Weather permitting  ***10-15 euros for taxi charge may apply (tour Eiffel).
Once the shooting is done, we'll send you the selected retouched images within 7-10 days through a secure web link.


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