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About us


Life in Paris has inspired me to create tailored photo tours and workshops

making photography in Paris far easier, and more fun for all. 

This city offers some of the most magical, breath-taking scenery anywhere.

Astonishing, eye catching images are to be found and captured on every corner, images you’ll want to cherish and share with your friends ! We’ll help you achieve that goal through

accompanied Photo tours, Portrait and personally tailored Workshops.

As a Paris based French-Canadian photographer, I began from ParisPictures with

more than a quarter of century of innovative professional photography

covering the advertising (studio & location) and magazine arenas.

My philosophy and vision have allowed me to stay at the top

of my game, remaining both competitive and creative in a fast-paced

and ever creative field.

Sharing my passion of light and photography with others

is what from ParisPictures is all about.

from ParisPictures has a tour or workshop suited to your individual needs.

Great pictures and more !

Today, tomorrow, whenever in Paris everyday is a new and beautiful day !

Let’s shoot !

André Caty




© André Caty 2018